Top 5 Proteins, Carbs, and Fats

One of the most exciting things about having a blog is the tremendous feedback I get from people throughout the day.

Direct and simple posts, including lists or comparisons, tend to earn the most praise. For that reason, my blog this week will be a list of the top 5 healthiest proteins, fats, and carbs, in order.


  1. Organ Meats – Although these have fallen out of favor in modern American culture, organs, such as liver and kidney, are the healthiest sources of protein in the world.
  2. Shellfish & Other Fish – A single oyster may offer 70% Vitamin D, 300% Vitamin B12, 500% Zinc, 200% Copper, and 75% Selenium for the day! All seafood will be high in Omega 3, vitamin D, calcium, and selenium, so eat up!
  3. Pork – Believe it or not, pork raised on a natural diet of nuts, fruits, and small rodents will offer more vitamins and minerals per serving than any other animal! The difficulty is finding a source that hasn’t been raised on grains and corn.
  4. Beef – Grass-fed and grass-finished of course! A mere 14 days of corn or grain “finishing” can skew the omega 3 profile of the meat, leading to the risks commonly associated with “red meat”.
  5. Eggs – Yolks are one of natures multivitamins. They contain Vitamin A, D, and B12, along with Riboflavin, Phosphorus, and Selenium. Even more importantly, they offer a healthy dose of Sterols, necessary for proper hormone function and protection against heart disease!


  1. Herbs & Spices – These have more vitamins and minerals, with less calories, than any other plants in the world!
  2. Vegetables – With most calories coming from fiber, and still chalk full of nutrients, veggies are the second most valuable carbohydrate source.
  3. Legumes – These still contain nutritious with a reasonable amount of fiber, but humans can only reap the benefits by soaking and sprouting the bean first. Consumption of beans before sprouting will result in unpleasant digestive effects, lack of nutrient absorption, and possible inflammation within the body. Also keep in mind they are rather high in “active” carbs, so save them for workout days!
  4. Fruits – A delicious, raw, and living food! Berries are the best, with more fiber and less sugar, but most fruits will be “self-limiting”, hopefully preventing overconsumption of the fructose they contain.
  5. Roots & Tubers – Different types of potatoes and various roots will contain more active carbs than most other plants, but still offer a decent nutrient profile. For those of you that are very active, exercising in the 75-95% range on a regular basis, opt for a “carb reefed” consisting of these post-workout.


  1. Nuts & Seeds – These will offer more vitamins and minerals, along with fiber, than any other fat source. However, they can be very easy to over-consume so either buy them in the shell or portion out one serving before eating. Soaking is once again necessary to improve nutrient aborption.
  2. Avocadoes – A truly perfect food! Loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and tons of nutrients. Not to mention portable and versatile. I usually have one every day.
  3. Grass-fed Butter – Vitamin A, K, D, along with stable and healthy fats and beneficial sterols…there’s really no wrong use for butter. Cook in it, top veggies with it…heck, it’s even become popular to put it in coffee to make “bulletproof coffee”.
  4. Animal Fats & Oils – The days of extracting, bleaching, aromatizing, and processing oils from corn, canola, and soy is over! Leave behind these rancid, inflammation promoting substitutes and use what nature provides – tallow from cows, leftover grease from healthy bacon, etc.
  5. Coconut – Although coconut does not contain a wide array of vitamins, it offers many benefits to the body. It can increase metabolism, improve skin and hair health, and even function as an anti-microbial or anti-viral substance.

And with that, we have a list of the top 5 healthiest foods from each macronutrient category. Build your meals around these foods you’ll be on your way to perfecting your health!


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